They're PODCASTING again!!!!!

Formerly of 99.1 FM CJAM Windsor-Detroit


Three time Jammy Award Winning talk show uTalkin2Me with BigJD is back, now part of BigJD & Lippo In the Morning. All formerly of 99.1 FM CJAM Windsor-Detroit, BigJD & Lippo now PODCAST their one hour morning show. You can listen or subscribe to the PODCAST in iTunes. The Morning Show on-the-go! BigJD & Lippo! New shows available Sunday mornings. The show is also available on Tune-In Radio and Stitcher. Google BigJD & Lippo In The Morning or click below.

Morning show fun from BigJD & Lippo. Special guests, interviews, tech talk, news, and some great rock & roll you you just don’t get on mainstream radio. Listen to the new shows Sundays in iTunes. Subscribe… it’s FREE.


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If you're a radio station "somewhere warm all year" seeking a new and dynamic morning show teamwith MEGA-chemistry (I would have said Dynamic Duo but it's too cheesy & Batman-ish, although 60's Batman shows were cool... I digress), please contact us; we'd be interested in discussing. Email

We have also archived some past morning shows from 99.1 FM CJAM. You can listen here.